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    We are your Professional Event Service Agency with an established insider network to optimise your time and money. We deliver bespoke end to end solutions for corporate events in the public and private sectors. We begin with the 'why' and work with your team to understand your values and KPIs to exceed expectation.


    Strategy - Conception - Relationships


    We'll work directly with your key stakeholders to define the right strategic implementation for your event.


    Whether you have the solution in mind or

    need to workshop from scratch, we have the processes to get moving and shaking from the get-go.


    We streamline the process by leaning on our network of leading industry speakers and key people of influence to validate before moving into sales mode.


    Sponsorship - Revenue - The Dream


    With 30+ years in sales, our pre-existing events network and expert lead-gen allow us to alleviate the heavy lifting associated with selling an event.


    We will convert your market into more than just new connections, but valued advocates.


    Having returned millions in revenue for our current clients, we're confident to exceed your sales expectations.



    360 Event Management - Analytics


    On the big day, we can control the whole process from implementation, to briefing and professional staffing services on the ground.


    We also deliver post event communication and analytics to add value to your attendees and continue the dialogue.


    Our statistics tell us that attendees of EI events are re-engaging, allowing our insider network to grow exponentially and benefit your future events and showcases.

  • Genesys

    Event Insider were brought in to help us grow our annual 'Interactions' customer show in the Gold Coast. Despite being primarily engaged to secure event sponsors and partners, they went above and beyond and shared extensive event experience to help us better promote and deliver the show.


    Year on year we have seen an increase in delegate numbers and sponsorship revenue since they have been involved with the programme. An imperative service to our event strategy.”



    “We hired Event Insider to help boost the exposure and attendance of monthly promotional events we had attempted to run in the past, but hadn't had much success.

    From the first event, they increased attendance exponentially, I was amazed that the team were able to attract so many targeted potential clients along. The events then continued on as a monthly success, entirely because of their ability to attract so many people.”

  • Why choose Event Insider?

    "We have an experienced team of sales and marketing experts with 10+ years experience delivering high end events that work. We specialise in generating event revenue for corporate, NFP and sports and entertainment showcases. Let's grab a coffee and work together to create and deliver a bespoke solution for your client or business." Neil - Cofounder Event Insider

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